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작성자 : 관리자(visualcanada@naver.com)   작성일 : 2019-06-14   조회수 : 211


Many students exert themselves to achieve their dreams.

Unfortunately, not all students reach their goals or success.

Learning by rote started from elementary school

may give them decent grades in the beginning.

However, they struggle as soon as they face more

advanced problems and tend to get into despair.


The learning method of simply memorizing 

solutions undermines one’s problem solving skills.

Most parents are aware of this fatal side effect,

but they ignore it with the excuse that this is essential

for academic record management.



When students with insufficient critical thinking 

skills continue to learn by rote without any change or

improvement in study habits,

advanced problems become more challenging for them.

This produces discouragement and stress, and the number of

students refusing or giving up on studying is increasing.


I believe the reason why many teenagers lack motivation

on studying and have weak goal consciousness is

because of excessive rote learning.


Many futurists and educationalists have often warned about

the limitations of the current textbook-based education system. 

Therefore, it is very important to lead our children to

think independently and improve their problem-solving

skills by having various learning experiences,

active communication and exposure to new knowledge.



It is now a reality that robots are replacing human labour in many places. 

When most people are in great anxiety about the upcoming

changes and directions our future is bringing to us,

what kind of education should our children receive?


Vacation is the best time and opportunity for students to 

develop problem-solving and thinking skills

and gain a habit of good time management.





Customized learning and evaluation program



학생, 부모님 개인별 맞춤 진단프로그램.

미래산업 기술 관련에 대한 직업의식의 동기부여

창의력 프로그램으로 문제해결과 사고력 강화

스스로 진단하고 학습할 수 있어 우등생이 될 수 있는 하버드와 예일대 강사특강

캐나다 최고의 명문 학교 커리큘럼 수업

미국 명문대 아이비리그 탐방 (34)

남미 크루즈 여행 (67)

캐나다 빅토리아섬 12

기타 할리우드 스타 등 여러 이벤트가 준비되어 있습니다.



기간 : 20197~ 83(5)

모집마감 : 201976

모집인원 : 3. 부모님1분 동반 가능 (20% 할인)

모집대상: 초등학생 ~ 고등학생까지


장소 : 밴쿠버

포함내역 : 비행기값, 여행자보험

불포함 : 개인용돈만



본 슈퍼 럭셔리 캠프는 몇 년 동안 진행하지 않다

올해 몇분이 문의가 와서 다시 한번 진행하려 합니다.

슈퍼부자들과 어울리는 기회를 잡아야 내 인생도 바뀔 수 있습니다.




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